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1 on 1 lessons with Russ

Russell Kaback Music Studio

Thank you for taking music lessons with me! I love music in all its forms, and my aim is to encourage a lifelong love, appreciation, and understanding of music in all my students.  I believe that music should be fun, and that is what will motivate you to spend time making it.

My job is create attainable goals each week for you to work toward.  Your job is to put in the work, and to ask questions and be curious.


About me:

  • Master’s-prepared Certified Teacher since 2006

  • Singer-songwriter since 1987, now on all music streaming platforms

  • Guitarist, pianist, drummer, recording engineer


  • First lesson is free

  • Lessons are generally 30 minutes for $35

  • Lessons are expected to be booked on a weekly basis. I encourage us to find 4 times over the summer to have a lesson

  • I will follow South Portland school holidays, unless otherwise requested

  • Please skip no more than 2 lessons over the course of the year (i.e. “we won’t be available on this certain date this month”)

  • I will make every effort to reschedule or make up any lessons already paid for but missed due to sickness, outside of our normal schedule (i.e. later that week, weekend, extra long other lesson, or time at the end of the year or during vacation)

  • Payment is expected before the start of the month

Please contact me at to chat with me about music lessons!

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